Tender Years

The titled book “TENDER YEARS” alias “CHHOTI SI UMAR” a Mind Blowing Poetry Book is Authored by Late Master Anshuman Dubey   at the tender age of 12 years only that too suffering from a Very rare Neuromuscular disease "CIDP" by which he lost all Muscular power of Voluntary as well as Involuntary muscles hence lied on bed for ten years like a living corpse. Dr APJ A Kalam  cancelled all of his appointments that particular day after reading the book. NCERT Delhi shortlisted the book as Textual Material.  Deputy Commissioner of NVS Chandigarh declared Late Master Anshuman "The Youngest Poetic Genius on the Planet of Earth" Almost all of the Public Schools and CBSE Schools of INDIA’s students have bought the Book.


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